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How The Good Glamm Group has been using Cutshort to scale their team

The Good Glamm Group has been using Cutshort since 2018 and has started relying on it for scaling their tech and non tech teams. They use various platforms for hiring but see a stark difference in their recruitment experience with Cutshort in terms of the quality and speed of closures. This has lead to Cutshort becoming their go-to hiring partner.

3xMore potential profiles
70%Minimum joining ratio

An overview of The Good Glamm Group hiring strategy in India

The Good Glamm Group hires across multiple tech and non-tech roles like software development, product management, engineering management, marketing and so on. They have often seen that candidates from e-commerce companies or from start-ups with a similar product have a higher chance of moving ahead in the process. When it comes to tech folks, their priorities are set - have clear basics and be a cultural fit. Soft skills like good communication always adds an edge.

The team regularly works on areas like employer branding and company policies to attract talent. They also support remote work.

Challenges faced by The Good Glamm Group while building their team

Having used multiple platforms like Naukri and LinkedIn, Megha Jadhav (Talent partner at The Good Glamm Group) often finds it difficult to:

  1. Discover high quality folks among the huge pool of applications.
  2. Find the correct data around their expected salary, notice period and so on which are necessary before shortlisting.
  3. Engaging with the candidates who have applied for her roles.

How Cutshort solved these challenges for The Good Glamm Group?

Here are the Cutshort offerings that has been helping Megha Jadhav scale The Good Glamm Group's team since the past 3 years:

  • High potential candidates

The candidates applying through Cutshort have higher potential as compared to other platforms, which leads to faster closures.

  • Easy availability of necessary candidate data

There are multiple data points like salary expectation, past companies and notice period that help The Good Glamm Group's team take the applicants ahead. Easy availability of this information on the candidates' talent cards makes their shortlisting process simpler.

  • Quality grader: A reliable metric to discover quality folks among the huge pool

Megha has been using the Quality Grader extensively to discover the right folks for her team. She has noticed that the candidates with higher grade are always a fit, and now considers it as a reliable shortlisting criteria

  • Skill validator: Candidates with pre-accessed skills

Candidates who have cleared the assessment tests on Cutshort have a higher chance of clearing their technical rounds. The pre-made tests for 30+ technical skills help them check their competency.

  • An easy integration with ATS - Freshteam

Hiring for multiple positions together comes at an operational cost for Megha. Manually downloading each resume and adding it to her ATS workflow would be both tedious and time-consuming. The Cutshort integration with Freshteam enables her to directly get her shortlisted profiles in her ATS workflow, thus saving her time and effort.

Impact of hiring through Cutshort

  1. Megha has single handedly closed 20+ roles in the last 3 months alone and 50+ roles since the team started using Cutshort. Closed roles include UI/UX designers, Data Analysts, Copywriters, Engineering Managers and Project Managers along with other technical roles.
  2. They have a smooth hiring process where Cutshort helps them find relevant quality talent which they can directly manage in their existing Freshteam ATS.

Megha Jadhav

Talent partner at The Good Glamm Group
I use Cutshort for all my hiring requirements. In fact, my performance is quite linked to Cutshort. The available data of candidates is reliable and I personally love the Profile Quality score. If the quality score is high I am confident that the candidate will be selected by the hiring managers.

About The Good Glamm Group

The Good Glamm Group is a company that offers premium salon services. Its services include basic grooming like waxing, threading, facials, manicures and pedicures, as well as elaborate services like bridal makeovers, nail extensions, scalp treatments and relaxing spas.

Industry: Health and Beauty
Size: 500+
Location: Mumbai
Main features used: AI Source, AI Match
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