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How Swipez increased their team size by 3x using Cutshort

Swipez, after building its core team of 5, was on the lookout for smart and effective hiring platforms to bring in new hires. Initially, they looked to recruiters and other connections, but soon realized the need for having a self-service solution to meet their hiring needs.

Swipez's team building philosophy

Be it a technical role or a customer-facing one, Swipez looks for folks with a good grasping power and a drive to grow. They look for candidates who put an effort to understand their product beforehand, align with why their company exists, and have a customer-centric approach.

Recruitment process at Swipez

After the initial screening, assessment tests are sent out to gauge candidates' technical proficiency, followed by pair programming evaluations, where candidates are required to solve problems together as a team. This is then followed by technical discussions with offer rollouts.

Challenges before using Cutshort

  1. Swipez co-founder, Shuhaid, says that his previous company had an HR team that did the initial screening and scheduled interviews for them. Swipez, being a startup, handled these operational tasks themselves, consuming a lot of their time and effort.
  2. They noticed a drastic change in the quality of candidate profiles they were receiving even after providing recruiters with all requirements and exhaustive job descriptions.

How Cutshort helped Swipez expand their team with least manual effort

  • Screening automation

The workflow automation, which immediately sends screening questions to candidates as soon as they apply, helped Swipez's team get faster responses and collect important information to move the applications ahead. The option to collect 'voice responses' in screening questions helped in understanding and assessing soft skills, a quality that the Swipez team looks for in all their team members. They could now assess the applicants' communication skills without calling each one.

  • Assessment Test Automation

Identifying candidates who demonstrated good proficiency in technical skills become extremely easy and quick using Cutshort's pre-made tests for 30+ technical skills. They could view which candidates have already cleared a test and send tests to the ones who haven't taken them yet using workflow automation.

  • Interview Automation

Scheduling interviews and screening calls with minimal effort and no time loss became a norm. This also ensured a smooth interview journey for the candidates, which in turn reflects well on the company, affecting the joining ratio in a very positive way.

  • Outreach Assistant

Cutshort's Outreach Assistant has helped them become proactive in their approach towards attracting the best talent. The assistant automatically invites the top matching candidates with personalized messages to apply for a job. The process of constantly monitoring and inviting new candidates who have entered the job pool was also made simpler by the assistant.

Impact of hiring through Cutshort

  1. The team saved a lot of time that went into scheduling calls and interviews, which the team could now spend on having impactful conversations with candidates.
  2. Swipez has made multiple hires in a variety of tech and non-tech roles like content marketers, inside sales, and developers, and they turned out to be high performers.

Shuhaid Lambe

Co-founder, Swipez
I have already recommended Cutshort to a lot of my friends who are founders themselves.

About Swipez

Swipez provides businesses with a convenient and timely revenue collection mechanism by automating their business operations, simplifying the way they work, and helping them focus on their competencies. It streamlines business operations for numerous organizations with their breadth of service offerings such as invoicing, bulk payouts, payment collections, customer data management, GST filing, and more.

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Size: 11-20
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Main features used: AI Source, AI Match
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