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How Sarvaha's candidate relevancy increased by 300% with Cutshort

Having used conventional recruitment platforms and consultants for years, Sarvaha required a cost-effective and time-saving solution to help them land the best tech talent.

Recruitment process at Sarvaha

Sarvaha has a set of carefully crafted screening questions, followed by assessment tests sent to candidates with less than 2 years of experience. The roles are finally closed after a series of personal interviews.

Challenges before using Cutshort

  1. Finding relevant folks using sources like Naukri, Monster jobs, etc., became challenging over the years.
  2. According to Santosh (Co-founder), while recruitment consultants initially delivered good candidate profiles, the quality deteriorated drastically over the years. They were turning out to be a costly affair with minimal impact.
  3. Invaluable time spent in the initial screening of applications. The non-responsiveness of candidates in this step caused a delay in their hiring process.
  4. There were quite a few no-shows during interviews from candidates recommended by consultants.

Their current sources and tools were proving inadequate to solve these goals. Recruitment agencies were mostly ineffective since they failed to bring predictability to the process.

How Cutshort helped Sarvaha save time while hiring the right candidates

  • AI-based match-making to reduce noise

Cutshort's AI-based algorithm helped Sarvaha match and rank the candidates as per their requirements. This helped them find the right talent with minimal time investment.

  • Screening automation

The option to automatically send screening questions to candidates as soon as they apply helped Sarvaha get faster responses and correct data points to move the applications ahead. The automated email/WhatsApp follow-ups with unresponsive candidates by their AI assistant, Voila, helped increase the response rate as well. Altogether, their initial screening TAT reduced a lot.

  • Skill validator

Identifying candidates who demonstrated good proficiency in technical skills became a walk in the park with Cutshort’s “Skill Validator”, as it pre-assesses and validates candidates on more than 30+ technical skills.

  • High job visibility

After they created jobs here, Cutshort helped them get visibility in multiple partner platforms like Google jobs, Facebook jobs, LinkedIn, etc., and increased their reach.

  • Self-service model

They could now interact with active candidates from the very beginning to build trust and engagement, leading to increased responses and zero no-shows in their interviews.

Impact of hiring through Cutshort

  1. The team saved time on finding the right folks. Cutshort helped cut down the noise due to the sheer volume of irrelevant applications that they had to deal with previously.
  2. They have been closing roles at a far lower cost.

Santosh Maskar

Co-founder, Sarvaha
I have already recommended Cutshort to couple of my friends who run companies. It basically saves us a lot of money and time, and gives us candidates of good quality.

About Sarvaha

Based out of Pune, Sarvaha specializes in the development of machine learning, analytics and search-based applications. They understand the dynamics of building products for large enterprises, early-stage startups, and successful companies that are leaders in their space. Their strength lies in problem-solving and the ability to adapt to different challenges.

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Size: 11-50
Location: Pune, Maharashtra
Main features used: AI Source, AI Match
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