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How Antares Tech hand-picked 25+ team members using a super effective hiring process

The recruitment team of Antares Tech was looking for a self-service platform which would help capture the essence of their hiring philosophy. After trying agencies and quite a few traditional sources, they switched to Cutshort. They could easily discover talent that was otherwise hidden from them and saw a remarkably faster turnaround time (TAT).

25+roles closed
40+hrs spent on Cutshort
> 60%of team built via Cutshort

Philosophy behind Antares Tech's team building

The team has its priority straight when it comes to hiring; Bring smart, but most importantly, culturally fit people into the team.

Their process is designed to make sure that they hire both culturally and technically fit candidates. The team looks for folks with the right attitude and fundamentals, willing to train them further on the programming side. They believe in organic growth rather than recruiting new members for lead positions.

Since they understand their requirements best, they remain closely involved in the process from the very sourcing of the candidates.

Hiring process at Antares Tech

Antares Tech closely reviews the applications and digs deeper into the applicants' skills, previous companies and managers, qualifications of past colleagues and so on. They then have an introduction call, 2 technical rounds, and close the role after evaluation with the technical panel.

Challenges before using Cutshort

  1. Difficulty in finding quality candidates with clear fundamentals.
  2. Their past sources like Indeed/Glassdoor/LinkedIn/agencies couldn't connect them with culturally fit candidates.
  3. Bottlenecks in the areas of shortlisting candidates, interview scheduling, assessment test operations.

How Antares Tech closed 25+ roles using Cutshort

Pritom Mathews, who takes care of 'People and Process' at Antares Tech, and the HR team started using Cutshort in 2020 and soon realised:

  • The quality of applications here was a complete different experience for them.
  • Once they streamlined their process here, they saw quick results in terms of closures - "The turnaround time was fantastic".

Self-service model

What the Antares team loved the most is that they could themselves narrow in and find the candidates that are a fit for their organization. The AI features on Cutshort helped them spot the candidates easily.

Skill validator

The skill validator for 30+ technical skills gave them a pool of pre-assessed candidates, assisting them during their initial screening.

Impact of Cutshort in their hiring

Antares Tech, with the current company size of 40, successfully closed 25+ roles through Cutshort over the past year. Fully supporting the remote culture, they have found like-minded team members from all over India.

In their words - Cutshort has been really helpful to us, and after using a plethora of such systems we think - it is the most user-friendly and intuitive system. Of course, there are many more possibilities to improve the platform, but I am sure you have a winning system at hand. We have been able to recruit a bulk of our resources through Cutshort and even today onboarded a lateral hire.

Pritom Mathews

People and Process manager at Antares Tech
Cutshort has been awesome. We have recruited more than 60% of our team through CutShort. That speaks for itself. What more can I say!

About Antares Tech

Bootstrapped since 2015, Antares Tech is a lean and innovative outfit of highly driven engineers and designers. They are currently a team of 40 members and specialize in Web, Mobile, and Cloud-based applications. Additionally, they have a collective and deep experience in Video Streaming and Real-Time Communications technologies (WebRTC).

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Size: 25-50
Location: Headquarters in Noida, UP (Remote working)
Main features used: AI Source, AI Match, Cutshort Drives
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