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Khyati Mirani asked a question

will Java be replaced by Kotlin in future?

As Google recently announced to support Kotlin officially and also Android Studio 3.0 will be supporting Kotlin, So do all application in future will be programmed in Kotlin?

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3 answers
Varun Mehta A Mobile Development Expert
Kotlin is a relatively newer language and would be a good choice to look into newer paradigms
But Java has been there for ages now. You have an established community & all major bugs with framework has been worked out. So, the transition to Kotlin from Java would take considerably significant time, unless Google enforces it.
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Mayur Patanvadiya Android Dev

I liked answer of Varun Mehta but to add more,

I see lot of developers moving to Kotlin because it overcomes lot of problems that are still there in Java & the big one is NPE.

Kotlin is a language that follows morden coding architecture instead of decades old Java.

& one more Benifit is you can integrate it with your existing Java App.

No doubt Java is also evolving (Java 8, Rx, RetroLambda) but Kotlin is just whole new animal.


I think lot of developers who follows latest coding patterns and tools will migrate to Kotlin one day or another, Java will still be in it place.

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