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Priyank Agrawal asked a question

What type of notification is better?

A Custom Bundled Notification or Default Bundled Notification ? 
Many devs have a difficult time deciding on the notifications.

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1 answer
Nitesh Mishra Android Developer

Depends on usecase...a  typical notification provides some useful information to the user, who can then either dismiss it or act on it – usually by tapping the notification to launch the app associated with this notification. For example if you see a ‘You have a new message’ notification, then chances are that tapping it will launch an application where you can view the message you’ve just received.


Most of the time, this is all you need to worry about when you’re creating notifications – but what if you have something more specific in mind, such as a custom layout, or enhanced notifications that deliver extra functionality? Or maybe you’ve just finished testing your app and feel like its notifications are an area where you could improve the user experience.

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