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Khatri Dhruv asked a question

Apple launched Swift 3.0 but still why developers are developing apps in Objective C.? Any Special Reason.?

I noticed that many Developers are still developing in Objective C even if it's new project.

Any Special Reason behind it.? 


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4 answers
Gagan Joshi Expert iOS Developer

There are long term projects which are going on for last 3-4 years. its time consuming and not very easy to convert them in swift.

Accoridng to me , If you starting a new project that should be done in swift only now.

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Pankaj Teckchandani iOS Development

Apple’s collective code base is huge — macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, iTunes, first party apps, iCloud, HomeKit, HealthKit, Xcode… I could go on.

While many programming languages were used, Objective-C was by far the main language at Apple.

Swift, by contrast, first appeared in 2014. That's only 3 years ago.

While Swift represents the quickly developing future of Apple software, Objective-C undoubtedly still plays a huge role. There’s simply no way to completely rewrite two decades of substantial, useful, iterated, and reliable code (crafted by insanely brilliant engineers) in a brand-new 3-year-old language that’s still undergoing significant changes.

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