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Nikunj Verma asked a question

How do you judge cultural fit of potential hires?

Measuring the jobs skills is objective. What is unique to each company is the way they judge the cultural fit.


How do you do this at your company and why? How have been the results?

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2 answers
Jeanne-Elise M Heydecker Chief Strategy Officer

Ask questions based on the company's core values. For example, in our value statement, we emphasize integrity. Our recruiters ask scenario-based questions based on these values, so one question might be, "A colleague approaches you and asks if you would share your login details so they can access your client's ATS. They are really pressuring you because they have not been able to find a candidate for their client. Sharing client logins is a fireable offense. What would you do?" They are scored based on how they handled a similar issue in the workplace (predicting future behavior), or what they would do in a hypothetical situation (not as good a predictor).


One other thing we do is invite the public to join us in our CSR activities around Pune and that enables us to meet like-minded people who are willing to give back to the community. They get to meet employees from our company in a casual setting while helping other people or stray animals. We also invite them to meet us at local sports tournaments (we have a killer football team!) - we are always looking for people who are team-oriented and guests get to meet employees from all levels of the company.


I'm sure other people have other solutions, but so far, these are working for us. Please post what you learn!

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Charan Singh Hire the Fire, Told the Cold

As a person, Vision of the person that you are going to hire is the most important thing that needs to be aligned with the company. Rest falls into place one by one.

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