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Manish Shheth asked a question

Full stack & Mean stack

We are looking to hire for a Web Product hiring - thats for one of the creative / innovative ideas and could be disprutive also - Whether we should have in-house team or we should go with startup development org 


kindly give references also if you have 

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2 answers
Jeanne-Elise M Heydecker Chief Strategy Officer

Depends on the project, but if you plan to have the project create the majority of revenues for your organization, you are best off investing in a good hands-on experienced in-house person (a team would be better) who can, at the very least, create products specifications. Based on many years deep in the weeds of development, people who expect to build a cheap prototype with an external firm to test the product usually get burned. The reason is because product specifications documents change, sometimes drastically, during BETA testing, initial rollout, and marketing responses from the first sets of customers. Some of these bugs/new features could require a total rewrite, meaning starting again and building another prototype and adding more sunk costs into a project that may not prove to be sustainable in the long run. Having an in-house teams enables you to add incremental updates on a regular basis, but relying on an external company to code your mission critical project could be a very costly and time-consuming mistake.

Jeanne-Elise M Heydecker Chief Strategy Officer
Question: You say you are building the UX for it; that it's on paper. Exactly what does that mean? Are you making mockups in Photoshop or coding a working alpha prototype? If you have in-house staff that can take it to the next level, by all means do. Taking it outside, giving a percentage to a development company, isn't sustainable. If you really believe the project is sound, build a business case for it. How is it monetized? Who else is competing in that space? What is the SWOT anaylsis? When do you anticipate return on investment? Have you spoken to potential customers and gathered a list of their pain points and what they would be willing to pay for your product? If you need to pitch this internally to get employees assigned to your project, that's the paper that you need.
Manish Shheth Full stack & Mean stack Hiring
Thanks - but how to start the Project when its on paper - i am building the UX for it then requires fund for inhouse team that is getting tough currently, or should find a development company and give him a share in it
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Nikunj Verma Fascinated with hiring at CutShort

If your idea is not validated & you don't have funds, don't hire an inhouse team. Hire a freelancer/a development agency and get validation of your product.


When your idea is validated (usually paying users OR funding), get a tech cofounder and start building the inhouse tech team.


I have never worked with any IT development firm, so cant' recommend someone. I know people at Ignite Solutions in Pune, Boldkiln in NCR/Mumbai, HashTaag in Bengaluru and they all look good. Check them out if you wish.


All the best!

Nikunj Verma Fascinated with hiring at CutShort
@Manish I'd recommend rephrasing the title of this question. It looks too vague and not relevant to what you're asking.
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