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Growth Marketer

Founded 2015
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Remote, Pune
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1 - 6 years
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Read this carefully. This is not a regular "digital marketing" job. Nor the fancy "growth hacker" job.There is a short password somewhere in this job description - it starts with "p" and it not an english word. You need to write that password while applying. :)This role is only for those marketers who are restless and keep inventing new ways to reach maximum number of people in minimum amount of effort. To do this, you'd need these qualities:1. Have a fundamental understanding of marketing. You don't need an MBA but should know the power of stories in marketing and the value of brand building.This also means you understand and respect consumer behavior. What your users think about when they wake up. What keeps them going? What are their aspirations?2. Have excellent written communication skills.  No, we don't mean fancy vocabulary. On the contrary, it's about using dead -simple language that your audience can relate to. 3. Logical reasoning. You should be able to write a solid argument that uses data points to prove a viewpoint. And soon after, you should be able to write an equally convincing argument pw32 to prove an opposite viewpoint. 4. Have some successful experience with creating engaing narratives on social media/blog or any other platform.This was about us. Now, let's talk about your aspirations:1. You want to grow fast in your career (not in terms of just salary but in terms of learning!).2. You want to do work you can be super proud of. "I took CutShort to their 10M users internationally. Today it is used by 50M users and is the number 1 career platform used by 100,000 companies". How does a statement like this sound?3. You want to work in a small team where you get to do everything from ideation to experimenting to execution to measuring your success.Again, only apply (with the password hidden in this post) if you are genuinely up for this challenge. If you want a more predicatable job that pays you a lot, we are not a fit at this point.

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Nikunj Verma
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Nikunj Verma
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