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Network Management Jobs in Ahmedabad

Explore top Network Management Job opportunities in Ahmedabad for Top Companies & Startups. All jobs are added by verified employees who can be contacted directly below.

Tech Support Engineer

Founded 1989
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3 - 8 years
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7 - 12 lacs/annum

Our company is a niche bolt-on supply-chain software provider that provides highly customizable, optimization-enhanced WMS functionality. The team is high impact and highly intelligent and recognized as one of the best installation and support organizations. This is a challenging role that requires the ability to quickly get software back up and running, gather needs, understand a wide range of factors and then quickly configure the software for a conference room pilot. Once this is complete it may be necessary to travel to a client site to install and train – but travel is generally less than 5-10%. The software is highly reliable so the majority of support is expanding the configuration to unleash additional functionality or answering questions such as "why did the software do that?" An important task is to help customers recognize more value from their SaaS investment through on-line training, monitoring, and control. Summary of duties---Advanced troubleshooting and configuration for mission-critical supply chain applications • Manage and track incidents and make sure they are worked expeditiously. 
 • Perform staff scheduling to ensure Service Desk coverage 
 • Provide training to small groups or individually, and through written documentation FAQ’s, and 
“how to” documents. 
 • Monitor and drive metrics related to call resolution and hold times. 
 • Recommending procurement/purchasing decisions related to hardware and software.
 • Manage deployments, system refreshes, upgrades and other infrastructure projects. • Enforce change management and compliance processes and workflows. 
 • Data transfers and best practices regarding the roll out. 
 Our organization is flexible-- so if you have skills we can use, then we are happy to put them to work!! Requirements and Experience The successful candidate will have drive and an above-average IQ. She or he will be able to work with people ranging from hourly team members to senior managers and be able to build relationships with client IT staff. We want a Software professional with 3+ years experience, some university degree preferred, and a track record of learning complex logistics software quickly. Technical skills desired are Linux, Windows 2012, etc., SQL server or Oracle, networking and virtual servers. Some knowledge of web technology would be helpful Location: Work from home Type: Full-time but would consider Part time for an exceptional candidate Hours : Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Each day is an 8-hour of work but with 4 hours on-duty monitoring and being on call.

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