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Industrial Design Jobs in Mumbai

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Assistant Manager - Process Innovation and Industrial Design

Founded 2011
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Job Description – Assistant Manager - Process Innovation & Industrial Design Location – Mumbai Company Description We are the forerunners at changing the way restaurant industry has been working for last 500 years. Every physical kitchen of ours houses multiple brands which enable us to be the platform of first choice for every food mission. Rather than simply being an aggregator, we believe in owning and operating all the brands and having an omni-channel presence to ensure we are never far away from our customer. More on this can be found at https://medium.com/faasos-story/winning-the-last-frontier-for-consumer-internet-5f2a659c43db Having witnessed a tremendous 100% Y-o-Y growth, and going strong, we are now looking for a dynamic engineering lead who can ride at the very unique opportunity that now stands in front of us. Today we ride on a network of 1100+ internet restaurants, handling close to 30,000 daily transactions spread over 15 cities. We are a multi-brand, multi-channel, multi-entity and multi-country organization. Job Description The network of 1100+ restaurant is served through our 200+ cloud kitchens which is growing continuously. It is where the experience is created. To increase the efficiency of our kitchen constant innovation is required, especially in equipments. He/She should have an experience in special purpose machine/new product development in automation/robotics industry with a sound knowledge of materials & manufacturing. He/She will be responsible for executing new ideas which would include, proof of concept - prototyping - design for manufacturing. Basic Requirements: 1. Software Skills: MATLAB, Simulink, LabVIEW, Proteus/Eagle, SolidWorks/CATIA/ProE etc. 2. Programming languages: C, Python, Ladder logic and functional block diagram programming of PLC, Microcontroller programming (Arduino/ Pic), Proficiency in Raspberry pi or BeagleBone computers. 3. Hands on project experience with various analog and digital sensors and their calibration. 4. Experience with various actuators such as BLDC motors, Servo motors, Stepper motors, linear actuators, robotic arm, etc. 5. Robot kinematics and mechanism synthesis.

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Ajita Joshi
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