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Highcharts Jobs in Bangalore (Bengaluru)

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Fullstack Developer

Founded 2016
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Remote, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
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2 - 4 years
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At HyperWorks Imaging, we are removing crucial business bottlenecks via our Automated AI products and solutions. Our engineers and scientists use the latest advances in deep learning and multi-modal machine learning techniques to solve diverse problems in industries ranging from materials science to marketing. We are looking to hire a Full Stack Developer to join our team. He/She will work collaboratively with data science members to write the code that connects our ML algorithms with cloud-hosted applications and services, enabling and automating data transport, storage, analysis and visualization. Remote work options available ! Responsibilities ●  Deliver high quality, maintainable code through concise, single-concern merge requests. Your code a​ lways​ includes tests for long-term maintainability and logging for operational monitoring. ●  Participate in rigorous learning-focused review of your own and others' code. Requirements: ●  Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science or a related field ●  3-4 yrs work experience. ●  Expertise in AWS, Git, Docker, building ETL data pipelines, RESTful web services, and/or integrating on-premise and cloud-hosted software. ●  Expertise in Angular, Javascript, Django and Nginx. Experience w​ ith Highcharts and Fusioncharts. ●  Expertise in creating web sockets and development of ASGI applications. Experience with deploying CI/CD pipelines. Please note that we will reach out to ​ONLY​ those applicants who satisfy the criteria listed above.

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Naveen Margankunte
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