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Collateral Management Jobs in Mumbai

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Marketing Associate

Founded 1994
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About the role We are looking for a marketing coordinator to execute marketing and advertising activities on the ground. We are looking for someone who is nimble and can manage multiple projects at once. You will be reporting to the Digital Marketing Manager. The ideal candidate will be well organised, have a strong command of the English language and have a customer focussed outlook. What sets you apart is your obsession with efficiency and getting things done on time while upholding quality standards. You are someone who can follow processes effectively and you have a knack for punctuality while maintaining a patient and professional demeanour. Objectives and Responsibilities Internal Coordination: You will be the point of contact for various company departments to get work done with the marketing team. You will assist the digital marketers, content marketers, visual designers and web design teams in gathering requirements, prioritising tasks and making sure tasks are completed on time. External Coordination: You will be required to coordinate with multiple external agencies and freelancers regularly ensuring delivery of work is happening in a timely manner. You will also ensure that requirements and briefs for projects are conveyed efficiently so that the agency can deliver the work in the right way. You will be responsible for the smooth movement of information and work on both sides. Team Assistance: You will also be required to assist the marketing team in certain general activities such as campaign reporting, minor social media management work and other work that might come up on an ad hoc basis. You will make sure to prioritise  Required Qualifications   Education: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or any other related field. An equivalent of the same in work experience is also acceptable. Experience: A suitable candidate will have had a minimum of 1-2 year’s work or internship experience in a marketing team or ad agency or similar. Technical Skills: The candidate must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and other basic productivity tools. Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets is a big plus.  Communication Skills: The candidate must be a strong verbal and written communicator. Strong command of English is compulsory. Adaptability and Creativity: The position requires that the candidate is highly adaptable and has the ability to learn quickly and come up with prompt solutions for marketing campaigns and programs.  Interpersonal Skills: The candidate must be highly disciplined, prioritize tasks and meet tight deadlines when working on multiple projects. The candidate must be obsessed with getting the details right, customer satisfaction and the company’s goals.  People Skills: The right candidate for the position will have the ability to form meaningful relationships with colleagues, collaborating personnel, senior performance management, and vendors. We are looking for someone who takes their work seriously but has interests outside of work too.

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Apoorva Goel
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