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Hardware Designer

Founded 2015
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About Khethworks Khethworks builds reliable, solar-powered irrigation systems that enable small-plot farmers to cultivate year-round. There are over 30 million farmers who tend to an acre or less of land in east India, where 60 percent of renewable groundwater is unused and agriculture-grade electricity is patchy. In a country that in six years will be the most populous on Earth, the opportunity is great and the need dire for agricultural productivity to increase. Viable irrigation options for 85 percent of Indian farmers – the small-plot farmers – are key. The Khethworks product provides an alternative to dependence on inconsistent monsoon rains and costly fuel pumping. For over 2 years, Khethworks has been working with livelihoods organizations and farmers in Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Odisha to deploy and test pilot systems that have led to increased income, rental transactions, and first-ever summer season harvests. Khethworks started at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and developed its flagship technology there before relocating to Pune, India in January 2016. Khethworks is driven by our mission is to give small plot farmers across the world an unprecedented level of control over their lives and livelihoods through affordable and high-quality technology. APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED UNLESS A CV AND A COVER LETTER (more details below) ARE SENT TO careers@khethworks.com Job Description: In this position you will be in charge of creating and delivering a robust and reliable electronics (embedded hardware) design for the Khethworks products based on data from field trials, user feedback, analytical models, and benchtop experiments. Your goal is to optimize the irrigation product’s electrical system for performance, while reducing cost. This role is a big part of our vision for bringing high-quality, appropriate, and low-cost agricultural products to marginal farmers in east India and across the developing world. As the senior electronics designer at Khethworks, you will be responsible for the brains of the irrigation system. In order to effectively design the system and controllers, you will need to be able to deeply understand the entire mechatronics system, including tradeoffs between the battery, motor, and solar panel performances and sizing. From laying out the system’s architecture to refining the microprocessor controls, you are the expert that makes water flow from the pump at each flip of the switch. You will also be the main point of contact between the company and any outside electronics design or manufacturing teams. You will work with the outside team to ensure the design and the end units meet the desired functional requirements, which you will set. This relationship will be entirely yours to manage, ensuring the expectations and deliverables from both side are clear and executed. You will report to the CEO and the COO. Job Goals: The end goal of this position is to ensure the electronic components of the product are optimized for performance, cost, reliability and manufacturability. In this position, you will work closely with the COO on the design and specification decisions, as well as any major decisions regarding the work with the electronics contractors. You will also work in tandem with the Senior Mechanical Designer to ensure compatibility between the hydraulic and electronic systems and to determine the form factors of the electrical and mechatronic components. The two of you, together, deliver the integrated product. Success in this position will look like innovating an electronics system where the sum is greater than the parts and delivering an irrigation system that performs better than anything in the market at a price that no one thought was possible. Your work enables small-acreage farmers to know that every single day when they flip the pump's switch, they will be able to harness as much of the sun's power as possible to grow their crops and their livelihoods. For you and Khethworks to create impact, we believe you will need to work well with your colleagues; maintain a productive relationship with any outside electronics contractors or suppliers; present thoughtful and well-researched options to the COO for the design of the electronics and the specifications of the mechatronic components; be ready and willing to take on new challenges when they arise; and be able and willing to articulate what resources and support you need for success. And we trust that you will consistently deliver value through your electronics mastery. Qualifications: Required skills/experience: - Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in electrical engineering (or related field) - 2+ years of relevant work experience in embedded hardware - Intermediate firmware coding abilities (Java, C/C++, etc.) Bonus skills/experience: - Experience in PCB layout and electronics manufacturing - Familiarity with solar, BLDC motors, battery selection/management - Mechatronics experience Personality traits: - Reliable - Flexible - Self-driven - Passionate - Hardworking - Team player Salary range: 60-85K/month (Note: Salaries are based on experience and expertise. Range is provided as an estimate.) How to apply: Please send the following - Cover letter - Your CV - Any related portfolio or materials to careers@khethworks.com with the subject line [Senior Electronics Designer] YOUR NAME. APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED UNLESS A CV AND A COVER LETTER (more details above) ARE SENT TO careers@khethworks.com

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