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How Biofourmis scaled up its engineering centre with 30+ closures by using CutShort
Biofourmis, a Boston based biotechnology startup with more than $143M in funding, wanted to build a top class engineering team in India. With a small core team in place, they were looking for a solution that could scale fast and doesn’t need a lot of their precious bandwidth. In just 2 months, CutShort helped them close more than 30+ positions by reducing their effort at each step of the hiring process.
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An overview of Biofourmis' hiring context in India
Biofourmis wanted to scale their engineering team in India fast but what made them different was the higher cultural fitment bar they set for themselves. One of the things this meant was they really wanted their team members to be innovative, learning driven and self motivated.
This was one of the reasons why Biofourmis team wanted to spot talent on their own as opposed to outsourcing a major part of their recruitment to the agencies. They were looking for a solution that could help them do this, in a scalable and efficient way.
Hiring process at Biofourmis
The team reviews the resumes closely and upon shortlisting, sends a role specific assessment test configured on their HackerEarth tool. If a candidates does satisfactorily well, the rest of the interviews follow fast.
Challenges before using CutShort
  1. Sourcing high quality talent pool that is learning driven and self motivated.
  2. A small recruiting team with just one recruiter and one engineering leader.
  3. Bottlenecks in the areas of shortlisting candidates, interview scheduling, assessment test operations.
How Biofourmis used CutShort to close 30+ position in just 2 months
Biofourmis discovered CutShort in May 2020 and immediately found it to be highly promising since:
  • It gave access to a high quality, startup friendly talent from product companies.
  • It made it easy to discover competent and relevant talent.
  • Its AI assistant could remove most of the hiring effort, something that their smaller recruiting team really needed.
Weekend recruitment drives powered by CutShort
After closing first 10+ roles across 5 different roles in their first month of usage, Biofourmis team wanted to double down on CutShort. We suggested our specialized solution of weekend recruitment drives where our team would take care of the building the entire pipeline of highly relevant and pre-assessed candidates for multiple roles and their team could plan to interview them over one weekend.
The weekend drives turned out to be a big success with more than 12 roles closed out of the pipeline of 30 candidates in just 2 weeks. CutShort’s talent experts invited, screened, assessed and engaged the candidates for the drives using AI powered workflows and a careful human touch, whenever needed. Biofourmis team then meticulously planned the virtual interview rooms and designed the entire candidate experience to create a strong brand impression on their minds.
Self service model with CutShort's AI powered platform
While the weekend drives helped Biofourmis scale up fast, they also loved how easily they could run their own hiring process leveraging a strong talent pool, AI matching and flexible workflows offered by CutShort.
The Impact of Implementing CutShort
In just a few months, Biofourmis has come to rely on CutShort due to its end-to-end solution to the recruitment problems faced by modern technology companies.
  • Closed 30+ roles
  • Time saved in recruitment operations was freed up to invest in better interviews and ascertaining cultural fitment.
  • Industry beating joining ratio of more than 90%, achieved by identifying the right candidates early and running a highly professional hiring process with them.
Siddalingamurthy BG VP of Software Development at Biofourmis
CutShort helped us setup the entire ecosystem to find the best candidates in terms of the technical aspects as well as the attitude and adaptability to our culture.
Harini Ambrose HR Manager at Biofourmis
CutShort gave our recruitment superpowers! They setup a smart drive on the platform to help us find the right talent and the applicants have the best experience applying to our jobs.
About Biofourmis
Founded in 2015, Biofourmis is a fast-growing global HealthTech start-up that is reinventing disease management based on remote monitoring physiology data for complex chronic conditions, like heart failure.
Company Size:50-200
Location:Boston, Singapore, Zurich and Bangalore
Main features used:AI Source, AI Match, AI Engage, CutShort Drives
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