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Neelesh Parulkar asked a question

Which deep learning library/framework have you used?

There seems to be too many machine learning libraries out there. TensorFlow, Torch, Theano, Caffe, Paddle and so on. Which one have you used? When would you suggest to use what?

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3 answers
Pratik Bhavsar Deep learner and NLP guy
Go for Tensorflow because it's the most active library on Github right now with GPU support. Also, it has good modelling support for both CNN and RNN. It's a bit slower than Torch but that won't be the case after a few months because of active development of Google.

Source https://svds.com/getting-started-deep-learning/
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Priyabrata Dash Data Analyst - 10.9+ Year Experience
I have started Tensorflow, one can start with Caffe or Keras as well. Once one gets the basics I guess Theano or Torch makes more sence. I am also exploring another library called Chainer. Its simple but promising.
Abhinit Kumar Tech Architect
Hey Priyabrata, curious to know your project goals and how you selected the right tool. Also, why do you suggest leaving TensorFlow for Theano or Torch after learning the basics?
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