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Manas Shrivastava asked a question

How confident are you about building AI algorithms that can predict user behaviour?`

A.I. is the new rage, companies are using it in creative ways. How likely are these algorithms going to scale?

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1 answer
Meher Vamsi ML/NLP Engineer

A.I. can scale as large as the data can scale. 

The way I think about AI is like this: 

What is the data I as a human need to predict a particular user behaviour; lets take the example of buying a product.. 
What do I need to guess:

1. Need for the product (If you need/want or not)
2. Brand, Quality, Cost etc of the product
3. Persons budget or economic situation
Given this information, i can make a pretty good guess if someone is going to buy or not.
And if a human can predict, so can a ML model given this info.


Now the beauty(and a little creepy) part is that we have all this data.
Let me explain:
1. The need for the product is inferred by: search queries, time you spent on looking at that product, if you added to cart or not etc.,
2. The product properties are already there in the system;
3. Economic data is also available thanks to the telecom operators, (remember the lousy form you filled when you were taking a sim card?) and things other data providers who identify you by linkedin etc.

All of this data is available with almost all the E-Commerce companies sold by 3rd party data providers.

So as long as the data required for the predictions exist, AI can scale.! 

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