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Jyoti Singh asked a question

what is the best place to start with data science

Hey All,

please can anyone suggest what will be the best approch which will help me learning data science ? 

let make it intresting :D

studymaterial = ? 


if( studymaterial == ebooks || studymaterial == video tutorial || studymaterial == courses ){

learningDataScience = 100;



can anyone help me with studymaterial where i can get ultimate true statment (P.S. enlightment) in learningDataScience ?


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3 answers
Najeeb Khan Aspiring Data Scientist and Data cruncher.

Hi jyoti ,


You refer Analyticsvidhya blogs to get started with Data science.Pick any programming language like python or R and  explored it deeply with respect to Data processing and cleaning,preparing it to apply machine learning algorithm and finally making predictions


Refer coursera courses on machine learning data analytics and data science.


You can also learn Statistics,data analysis and machine learning from udacity as concepts are well explained and lucid.


After completing this start working on data sets from UCI repository which will mould your data science skills




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Parth Sharma Junior Data Engineer
Parth Sharma Junior Data Engineer
Please try this link -https://www.quora.com/A-student-of-IIT-having-low-CPI-of-5-But-I-have-an-interest-in-Data-Science-How-could-I-prepare-myself-to-get-a-good-job-in-data-science-field/
Jyoti Singh Love data science and AI
@Parth that link isnt working :( quora is dead .hopefully i will check once it is up. really appreciate for the reply :)
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