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Cutshort is the#1 tech hiring platformin India. Use Cutshort to connect with top talent, engage with them and close positions to execute your vision, faster.

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Used by founders, recruiters, hiring managers and agencies from15000+companies to close5000+key positions

Go from searching resumes to actually closing positions.

Access to high quality talent
Access top tech talent
{{1800000 | number}}+ developers, data scientists, designers, product managers from startups and product companies now prefer Cutshort to conventional job portals.
Automate at scale
Identify the ones who matchyourneeds
Go beyond keywords and zero down on the candidates with the best relevance to your job description. Understand them by asking audio/text questions to further shortlist them better.
Get candidates auto sorted by relevance
Find high quality talent missed by other recruiters
Developers are validated on 30+ technical skills to surface the talent you might otherwise miss.
In addition, using GPT-3 like models, our AI detects quality of the developers based on their accomplishments, research work, papers, competitive programming and so on.
Automate at scale
Engage with a hiring process that generates more offers
Design and run a hiring process that works best with the talent you want.
With WhatsApp integration & an AI assistant that keeps working 24/7, no need to lose sleep over what candidates will say on Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Google reviews.
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Loved by 15000+ founders, recruiters & hiring managers who've solved their tech hiring
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