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Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad (IIIT Allahabad)undefined
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DIYguru Education Research Pvt Ltd (Current) , DIYguru Education Research Pvt Ltd (Current) , BYJU’S - The Learning App, [object Object], [object Object]
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Digital Marketing
Electronic commerce
Object Oriented Programming (OOPs)
Data Structures
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Java- High Level Programming Language

Java is a high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. More than 3 billion devices run Java and it is one of the most popular programming languages worldwide. It is used for building mobile, web and gaming applications.

Java is known for being an easy to learn programming language and has a large variety of applications. Since it can be easily read and understood by humans, it is described as a high-level programming language.

How do I hire Java developer?

What do you need to know before hiring a Java developer?

Java developers should be hired on the basis of their prior experience and understanding of the language. They should have at least 0-2 years of experience working with Java in a professional capacity.

Java developers need to have a clear idea of object oriented programming and different data types. Use of an integrated development environment (IDE) is also required. This is because Java programs are created with the help of this software.

The Java developer should be good at identifying program errors and debugging. Writing clean and error-free code is a must.

Senior-level Java developers should have 3-6 years of relevant experience. They must also be skilled in query handling.

Skills to look for in a Java Developer

The following are some of the skills which you should look for while hiring Java developers:

Object-Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is the creation of objects that contain both data and methods. OOP is the primary form of programming found in Java.

OOP simplifies programs and makes them easier to execute. It helps developers to complete tasks in a shorter period of time while using less code.

Knowledge of OOPs is required to excel as a Java developer.

Java Web Frameworks

Java frameworks are templates of pre-written code. They are used by developers to create apps without having to write each line of code from scratch.

Knowledge of Java frameworks is important to improve efficiency while building apps. The applicant should know about popular frameworks like Spring, Grails and Google Web Toolkit.

Understanding of Web Technologies

Java is perfect for creating large web apps to interact with the user. You should test the applicant's understanding of Java web technologies if your company is looking to hire a Java web developer.

Some popular examples of Java web tech include Servlet API, JSP, JDBC API and Java Persistence API.

Java EE Components

Java EE components are self-contained software units. These are assembled into a Java EE application with their related classes and files.

Java EE components are compiled in the same way as any other Java program. Java developers should be aware of Java EE components as they form an important part of their job.

Design Principles

Design principles in Java refer to generalized and proven pieces of coding advice that are used to make design choices.

These are a set of good practices which should be followed by developers while coding. Some popular design principles are DRY, SRP, LSP, etc.

Architectural Patterns

An architectural pattern is a blueprint for creating the overall structure of a piece of software. This is an important skill for a developer. It allows the development team to communicate how the app will be built.

Some popular examples include layered pattern, client-server pattern and event-driven pattern.

Code Optimization

Java developers need to make sure that their code is not only clean and error-free but also does not take an unusually large amount of time to execute.

Writing long methods and multiple if-else statements leads to inefficiencies in the execution of the program. Hence, developers should aim to make their code as concise as possible.


Java microservices are like a station in a factory assembly line. They are designed for a limited scope and work together to form a larger solution.

Each microservice is one small piece of a bigger overall system. Some frameworks used for building microservices are Spring Boot, Jersey and Swagger. You should ensure that developers are aware of these concepts during the hiring process.

DevOps Tools

Java DevOps tools are a combination of various practices which allow developers to create apps more efficiently. They allow the automation of tasks which used to be carried out manually. This helps developers save time and resources.

Java DevOps tools help developers reduce the time required to develop a Java application. Thus, companies prefer applicants who have knowledge of these tools.

Spring Framework

Hiring managers should keep a lookout for developers who are well-versed in the Spring framework. Spring is the most popular Java app development framework.

Spring is used to create simple, high-performing and reusable code. Java Spring developers are highly valued by the industry.

Android / Kotlin

Web development on the Android platform is slowly moving towards Kotlin. Kotlin is a modified version of Java. Hence, having knowledge of Kotlin is highly recommended for Java developers.

Experts predict that Kotlin will soon overtake Java as the language used for Android development. Companies should be prepared for the future by hiring applicants who are also skilled in Kotlin.

Time Management

Time management is of the utmost importance for a Java developer. Ask the developer about the manner in which he prioritizes tasks to complete them on time.

Communication Skills

A developer with good communication skills will be able to put across his ideas effectively. Companies should hire applicants on the basis of their technical and soft skills. This will ensure that they are capable of working in large teams.

Problem Solving Skills

You should test the ability of the applicant to approach problems in a creative way while aiming to optimize time and resources. Such an applicant is likely to be a good fit for any company.

Steps to Hire a Java Developer

Candidates Screening

You must ensure that applicants are up to date with the latest developments in Java. This is because Java is a constantly evolving language that changes over time.

Knowledge of Java libraries and frameworks is also important for Java developers. These features help coders save time and effort.

Telephonic Interview

Conduct a telephonic interview to assess the developer’s suitability for the role. You may also call the applicant for a physical interview on the basis of his performance in the telephonic interview.

Ask the developer questions to assess his knowledge regarding the entries on his resume. Asking questions such as, “Why did you use X framework instead of Y” will be helpful. This will help you understand if the developer is in tune with the requirements of your IT team.

Live Coding Test

Companies conduct live online coding tests as a way to screen candidates. These tests are used to measure a developer’s Java programming skills.

Candidates who have already invested their time in taking such tests are likely to complete the entire recruitment process.

Technical Test

It is important to ask the right technical questions during the telephonic interview. This will help you decide if the developer should be invited for an on-site technical interview.

The technical interview can be conducted by the IT team. Questions during this round will help them understand the applicant’s suitability for the role.

Final Decision (Hired/Not Hired)

The developer should be hired on the basis of his coding skills and prior experience that is relevant to the offered role.

The interview should be used to decide if the applicant has good communication skills. This will help you identify developers who are capable of working in a team.

How to Identify a Reliable and Experienced Java Developer?

  • Companies should hire Java developers on the basis of their ability to code as well as communicate. This will help ensure that they can produce results as part of a team.

  • Check the prior job roles of the candidate to decide if his skills align with the requirements of the company.

  • Seek testimonials of the Java developer from former co-workers and employers. This will help you judge whether he is a good fit for the workplace culture.

Clear Understanding of roles, responsibilities & expectations from Java Developer

  • Clearly state the requirements of the position and the type of profile which the company is looking for. These details should be mentioned in the job description too.

  • Junior Java developers are generally expected to have 0-2 years of prior work experience. They should have a solid background in Javascript, Servlets, Servlet methods and parameters.

  • Senior Java developers should have around 3-6 years of relevant experience in the field. A good understanding of object-oriented programming and J2EE is a must. Developers should be well-versed with the use of complex SQL queries for query handling.

  • Understand the willingness of the Java developer to meet tight deadlines if needed to do so.

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