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Back-end Development: What is It?

Web development involves front-end and back-end development. Back-end development refers to the server end of website development. The front end is all about the portion of the website that a user sees. The back-end is the server side, the part of the website that users don’t see. This includes the architecture of the website, scripting and interaction between databases.

A back-end developer is an expert who builds the technology needed for a website’s back-end functioning. The developer uses programming languages like Java, C, C++ and Python, among others to write code.

How Do I Hire Back-end Developer

Begin by looking at skill sets, educational qualifications and experience of the back-end developer. Also, look at non-technical skills like attention to detail and ability to think on their feet while you hire back-end developer. You may be able to post your requirements on a tech hiring platform to connect with potential hires.

What Do You Need to Know Before You Hire Back-end Developer

Before you hire back-end developer, assess the scope of the project. Assess whether it is a long-term or short-term project. Also, weigh whether you need a junior, mid-level or senior-level back-end developer for your team.

Hire back-end developer who understands the clients’ needs. Back-end developers may need to handle server-side functions for a variety of clients from different sectors. As a recruiter, ensure that the developer’s understanding matches the needs of your business and clients.

Further, keep yourself updated about the newest features and trends in back-end development. This helps you make informed hiring decisions. For instance, serverless computing is emerging as a strong trend. In this approach, time-consuming tasks on the back-end are reduced. Another trend is the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI). AI-powered chatbots are built by integrating the right back-end technology for them.

Skills to Look For When You Hire Top Back-end Developer

When you hire top back-end developer, make sure they have the academic qualifications and certifications required. Beyond that, it is important to hire back-end developer with technical skills. Here are some skills to look for:


Python has emerged as one of the most widely used back-end languages. Familiarity with the language and Python libraries like Numpy, Pandas and TensorFlow is useful.


Knowledge of programming language Java is useful to have for a back-end developer. It lets a developer write code and run the same on any kind of platform. It is also a secure programming language.


Hypertext preprocessor or PHP is a scripting language used to create interactive web pages. Understanding of PHP is useful for a back-end developer.

Backend frameworks

Familiarity with backend frameworks is good to have. Django, Flask (Python framework), Laravel, CakePHP (PHP framework) and Express.js, Next,js (JavaScript framework) are some examples.


Understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL) is also essential for a backend developer. SQL helps with accessing and manipulating databases.


Hire top back-end developer who has expertise in version control systems like Git. Version control helps track source code changes.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Markup language HTML, style sheet language CSS and scripting language JavaScript are used for front-end development largely. However, they are useful skills to have for a back-end developer as well.

Steps to Hire Back-end Developer

The first step needed to hire back-end developer is to write a clear job description. Ensure that the candidate understands the roles and responsibilities you have outlined. Some of them include:

  • Build web applications and ensure maintenance

  • Evaluate the speed and performance of applications

  • Take part in the life cycle of applications

  • Work in tandem with front-end developers

  • Write reusable code for future use

  • Conduct testing to boost performance

The next step is to screen candidates based on their resumes and skill sets. Also, check for the experience of the candidates. Further, ensure that the potential back-end developer is well aware of the roles and responsibilities.

The next step is to conduct a skill assessment test. Analyse the problem-solving ability of the back-end developer. Also, check how they perform under deadlines.

Further, interview candidates. Ask questions pertaining to back-end development. Also, talk to them about the company culture and assess if they are a good fit. Assess the candidate for soft skills like presentation of ideas and communication skills.

If you find the candidate a good match, it is time to make an offer. Include salary structure and terms of employment in the contract.

How to Identify a Reliable and Experienced Back-end Developer

Ask for references from former employers and teammates. Talk to them about the back-end developer’s ability to work well in a team. Find out more about their time management skills.

Look at the back-end developer’s portfolio. Assess the quality of past work and ability of the candidate to come up with innovative solutions.

Find out about the career path and future plans of the back-end developer. Hire back-end developer who has a passion for the job and has clarity about their goals.

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