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Understanding the mind of modern candidates
Do you wonder about things like:
Why are candidates not taking my tests?
Why is my joining ratio so low?
I'm paying high salaries. Why am I still getting low applications?
Download this report to understand the motivations and behaviors of modern candidates to help you align your hiring process for better outcomes.
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We are simplifying recruiting for the modern companies
CutShort is an AI powered recruitment platform to hire quality talent 3 times faster and at 1/3rd the effort. More than 7000+ companies have used it to close job positions worth $5M.
AI Source
Use AI enabled channels to source best talent. It auto-detects skill competencies.
AI Rank
See candidates in order of fitment based on skills, industry and education background. Algorithm learns from your decisions.
AI Engage
Conduct your hiring process even when you sleep. Automatic follow ups by an AI assistant avoids candidate drop-offs.
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Companies love hiring on CutShort
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saved in agency fees
Are you hiring?
Professional world is changing fast. To hire quality talent today, you need to have a different mindset, correct data and intelligent tools. CutShort brings these all together to help you hire quality talent 3x faster in 1/3rd the time.
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