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Product Management
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Power Electronics
Program Management

Job description

ION’s core business model is to “License” its technology to companies who want to manufacture li-ion batteries to sell to OEMs and end customers. Each licensee is a bg company with Manufacturing and Marketing capabilities to bring ION’s technology to market. ION charges an upfront fee and a royalty on each unit that the licensee sells. To help licensees understand the licensed technology, and to help them customise the technology to suit the licensee’s needs, a ‘Licensee Success’ team works with all the licensees. We are looking for Program Managers who can lead our Licensee Success teams to make all licensees fall in love with us. Responsibilities Complete Ownership of timelines and efficiency of the Licensee Success team Making Licensees fall in love with us Onboarding of New Licensees Conduct Sprint Planning, Stand Ups for the Licensee Success team Project Management of all projects (more than 5) running at the same time with different licensees Set up processes that enable ION Energy add more licensees and scale sustainably Understand Technical Requirements of Licensees and work with the Engineering team to fulfill them -- Requirements -- Having the below skills / experience will help. You do not need to tick all the boxes below. However, the more the merrier. Experience with Sprint Planning and Scrums Prior professional experience as an engineer is a plus Experience with multi-faceted roles, preferable in Engineering companies -- Core Values and traits -- Instinct to take ownership Very fast learner Great Analytical and Problem Solving Skills Ability to understand technology and engineering nuances very quickly Good at forming relationships with internal and external people Excellent written and verbal Communication Skill Have patience and Agility at the same time :-)

About ION Energy

At ION, we’re building a layer of infrastructure for electric mobility in Asia with a focus on India. Mass adoption of electric vehicles will happen only when a ‘No-Compromise’ switch from Gasoline to Electric is facilitated through high performance Lithium-Ion batteries. To aid this adoption, we must decouple costs of these expensive yet efficient batteries from the ownership of host applications. With a team of engineers from Stanford, Penn State and IIT we’re building a solution in stealth that significantly increases performance while reducing the upfront investment.




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The Program Manager is responsible for building and maintaining Acumen Connect's Eduventure catalog. You curate each Eduventure - choose countries and cities, industry and academic partners, activities and unique experiences that create unique products for students across schools and universities. Acumen Connect is looking to hire a dynamic, take-charge and multi-faceted individual for this role, on a full time basis. Your work includes: Program Development - understand academic requirements of various disciplines and research locations worldwide for their programs Partnerships - identify and connect with industries, international schools, universities, and other such entities for Eduventures Market Research & Strategy - maintain a strong repository of information on industry trends, global best practices and competitors to define product strategy We need a candidate who can be a strategic vertical owner with innovative ideas, comfort with data, strong leadership skills and a passion for growth. -- At Acumen Connect, we curate the highest-quality study tours and academic immersion programs across the globe. These Eduventures are tailored to best supplement classroom teachings, each providing holistic learning experiences through visits to leading industries and research centers, places of historical and cultural importance and student building activities. For more details, visit www.acumenconnect.in

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