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Learning Games Manager
Posted by Monal Jaiswani

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0 - 2 years
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Learning & Development
Content Writing
Secondary Research
Training and Development
Training & Development
Educational technology
Adult education
Corporate Training
Instructional design
Creative Writing
Script Writing

Job description

How many times have you sat through a training session, struggling to look like you are paying attention? How many times have you watched an online course, just to zone out within the first few minutes? How many times have you opened an educational book, only to let your thoughts wander elsewhere? Countless number of times, isn’t it? We at OutDo are trying to change that! We are trying to remove boredom from learning and make it more interesting! And how do we do that? Through games! We build games that take you to a different world, that captivate you through beautiful graphics, that immerse you in the story and at the same time, teach you what you need to learn. And now we are looking for somebody who can help us in this journey of making learning fun. Are you up for it? Here's what we would need you to do: A. Research: Every game that we build has educational content behind it. The first step to build any game is to understand this content throughly. This involves extensive research on subject matter. After all, you need to master what you teach. The end result of this step is a repository of all the educational content that needs to be delivered. B. Scripting/Writing: This is where your creativity will come into play as this is the stage at which a storyline is built into the educational content. We typically think of 4-5 storylines that could be used and then zero down on to the one that would best fit the audience. This step also involves getting an understanding of the end users so as to adapt the content and story to them. Once a story is thought through, the educational content and story are weaved together into a game script with dialogues and narration. C. Game Development/Project Management: This has two legs - first, brainstorming and second, overseeing development. Initially we brainstorm visuals that would go into the game. Again, creative hats are put on here. We zero in on the game background settings, game characters, badges, screens and other elements based on the storyline and based on our understanding of the end users. Then we discuss our requirements with our vendors and oversee the work being done by them. During this time, we keep looking for ways to make the game better. Bit-by-bit, we share work with the client in order to get feedback. Finally, revisions are made and the entire product is put together and delivered. Does this sound like something you would want to do? If yes, get on board! Here’s what we have in mind for our ideal candidate: • Should be able to write well in English and should like writing • Should be able to grasp training subject matter fast • Should be able to break down and structure training content logically • Should be able to come up with various ideas to weave the content into a game like story • Should be able to come up with ideas for game visuals - backgrounds, characters etc • Should give attention to detail and have a strong work ethic • Should have 6 months of work experience in any field • Should have a graduate degree

About OutDo

We are a newly established e-learning organization that delivers learnings through online games. We build role-playing games that teach subjects ranging from soft skills such as communication to delivering product and process knowledge. We strongly believe that games are a powerful tool to strike the right balance amongst raising user interaction, making learnings effective, providing personalized feedback, and creating a platform where one can make mistakes and learn from them easily.






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