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Richa Pathak asked a question

Which marketing automation tool have the highest number of features and comparatively low cost?

I am looking for the marketing automation tool, which should have the following features but lower cost:

Email marketing, social media, analytics integration, auto responder, post scheduling

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4 answers
Dharmendra Tiwari Sales and marketing Professional with 10+ Year of expereince

Hi Richa,


I would suggest Zoho sales and Marketing which is cheaper and has all the features you mentioned in your query. Alternatively, you can also check out Active Campaigns, LeadSquared(UI is not attractive) which is cheaper and have all the features. Don't opt for Marketo, Eloqua(Oracle), or IBM marketing automation as they are super costly but are non-performers. In case you are looking for the best and have a lot of money to spend on marketing automation then Hubspot is the best option. In case you are looking for B2B marketing automation and have deep pockets then Pardot could be an attractive option. For the cheaper option, just evaluate Zoho & Active campaigns to find out best marketing automation for your company. You should have a strategy to try out both the automation platforms with goals defined and analyse by looking at the set metrics which platform is scoring better in achieving your goals. For more research on marketing automation check out g2crowd.com. Hope this piece of info will help you.




Richa Pathak Marketing and advertising profesisonal
Thanks for the suggestion, even I was convinced about Zoho. Now, I can make my decision.
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Nikunj Verma Driving growth at CutShort
Why do you want  a single tool to do things as different as email marketing, social media, analytics integration, auto responder, post scheduling etc?

Each of these activities are different and require special features and flows to do that just one activity right. For instance:
  • For social media & post scheduling - you can use Buffer, Hootsuite
  • For email marketing - you can use Mailchimp, mailerlite, aweber or a tool we use - https://sendx.io
  • For analytics: GA or Mixpanel are good
  • so on..
Also, having "highest number of features" is not necessarily good since the product becomes difficult to use/manage. 
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