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Nikunj Verma asked a question

Which is the most interesting AI/Machine learning project you worked on?

Everyone talks about AI and machine learning, but very few actually implement something meaningful. Would love to know if you worked on any AI/machine learning projects to solve a problem in real world. 


What was the goal? How did you solve it? Did users find it useful?


Would appreciate the technical nitty-gritties and not just high level idea. :)

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1 answer
Sharvil Katariya Inquisitive


One of the interesting Machine Learning Project that I have worked on is "Semantic Annotation of ACM research papers". In this project the goal was to read the abstract of any research paper, specifically the ACM research papers and then to generate the semantic annotation (tags that have the same meaning), according to the ACM classification tree.


For an explanation of the working of the model, refer to the Video Link.


Relevant Links

You can find the Video Link HERE

Project Link

Report Link

Source Code


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