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Neha from asked a question

Which is a better profile: Product Manager or Product Marketing Manager? And Why?

What's the difference between the two?

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2 answers
Amol Mujumdar I am a Product Guy.

There are so many different definitions of the role Product Manager, and some may have elements of Product Marketing Manager included in it.

Definition of Product Marketing Manager is a relatively more defined role and in some cases will include some elements of Product Manager included in it.

There is nothing "absolutely" better or worse here. Some things "better" for one may not be for another person.

So to you my suggestion would be to seek details of your duties and responsibilities and see which one you like based it.rather than going by just role name.

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Richa Pathak Marketing and advertising profesisonal
I am in product marketing. Currently I am heading a B2B product markeitng for US audience.
People ask me some question multiple times.

The product manager is concerned about the technicality of the product, all the product life cycle he should be taking care of. Whereas the product marketing manager is taking more responsibility than just product development life cycle.Product marketing manager is responsible for product development as well per product marketing. It includes all the internal as well as external interactions with different teams and stakeholders.

Product marketing is more outwards job such as product improvement based on the customer response, product pre-launch, launching, and the post-launch activities. The product marketing manager more or less whole sole responsible for developing and selling the product to the customers.
You can write me on Twitter @01richa90 for more detailed discussion over it.

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