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Neha Sinha asked a question

Which aspect of design you give the highest priority to? why?

There are a series of design aspects like typography, content, interaction etc. that you take into consideration while designing, what are the top proirities for you. 

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1 answer
Charan Singh UX or HX

First of all, My approach starts with user empathy. Higher the scale of empathy, higher the chances of success will be there in designing.


Because once user intentions & experiences are clear, You can take a look at the similar kind of products that they use. Not in just terms of digital products rather physical objects also. It gives you a clear picture of their behaviour which will help you in designing better interactions around your context.


Typography, content etc are later parts but still important. If you can get the psychological preferences around the context of product from the empathy research then you can utiliize all those benefits in visual language too. At the end, Visual senses are also the part of our daily experiences around the objects and their appeal in terms of colors, alignment etc should be similar either digital or physically to precieve them easily.

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