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Nikunj Verma asked a question

What is the next language/technology you want to learn, and why?

Which one fascinates you the most?

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3 answers
Keyur Rathod Passionate Programmer

Hello Nikunj, 

It's the general question which every programmer wants to know. As I have found a new concept in web which is "Progressive Web App".

flipkart lite is just a recent example for that.

For more info you can just visit these websites below:

1) https://pwa.rocks/
2) https://greenido.wordpress.com/2016/04/04/how-to-build-a-progressive-web-app/



JavaScript Evangelist JavaScript Developer
We are on same page. PWA is 1337
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Tushar Khairnar teck geek

I would say not any language or framework or tech but methodology.

Functional programming makes modelling of lot of problems very easy, removes boilerplate and makes code really expressive.


Apart form functional programming moving to static typing languages boost productivity a lot. For web there are many static type languages that compile to (ie transpilers) JS - Typescript, Scala


So my answer would be Functional Programming + Static Type Languages. As a curiocity I myself is experimenting with Scala on web using ScalaJS compiler which transpiles scala code to JS. This makes Scala a complete Full stack language - fully asynchronous non-blocking concurrent IO on backend and functional programming and static typing ( and actor too) on Web front-end


For non-web and purely learning perspective - Rust is upcoming language that is low-level (right upto microcontroller level), safe and static typing and optional GC

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