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Abhilash Jain asked a question

What are the most important tools in your marketing toolkit?

List down the tools/processes that you use on a frequent basis to help you be more efficient at marketing.

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4 answers
Richa Pathak Marketing and advertising profesisonal
In my 5 years of experience I have handed a lot of projects single-handedly just because of the tools:
These are MUST have tools:

1. Marketing automation tool:
Paradot Salesforce Marketing Cloud is best to automate your marketing activities. No manual work.
HubSpot Automation Tool: I found this very useful for a hardcore marketer.

2. Social Media:
Hootsuite to schedule your posts.

3. Content marketing tools:
BuzzSumo to find more trending content
CoSchedule: To schedule content regularly

4. Technical SEO tools:
SEMrush: Outstanding for organic as well as paid campaings
Screeming frog: To find all the broken pages, missing meta tags etc.
GA, GTM, GWT: All the Google tools are extremely important for a webmaster

Without these tools are you are just doing headwork, not smart work,
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Rajat Gondal Marketing Enthusiast
Here are all the tools I use on a daily basis.

I usually have my tasks listed on Todoist.
I use Tweetdeck for Twitter and Buffer to manage all other social networks.
Grammarly for proofreading
and Photoshop for design, also use AdJelly to get ratios for post across social and use the grid to make sure my images have 20% text.
Use Trello to prioritize important tasks. Also use Google UTM manger for creating links.
Google Analytics and Clevertap for Data Analysis.

The only process I follow is by starting with Todoist and marking priority tasks on Trello, this helps me stay focussed on whats most important. 
Would love to know what other tools people use on a regular basis. 
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