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Nikunj Verma asked a question

What are the complexities of building a chatbot that is actually smart?

There are a lot of "me too" chatbots but hardly any that actually solve user's problems in a longer run.  Even Google Assistant gets boring after a while.


If you have built a chatbot: what complexities you ran into?

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1 answer
Himanshu Sharma Web scrapper

1. Gather Data

First and foremost requirement of a chatbot is loads of preprocessed data using which it can give a smart answer to any query or initiate one.

2. Preprocess Data

Preprocessing involves mapping answers to keywords, ranking(more the same answer/keywords more will be rank) and context analysis.

3. Search in Data

To effectively search in big data, optimized search algorithm(s) is/are needed.

And finally - patience

Nikunj Verma Using AI to change the future at CutShort
@himanshu So you seem to be indicating that the biggest challenge is finding and pre-processing the right data. Would love to see a concrete example of this pre-processing. Also preprocessing might give rise to a new problem of refreshing data regularly.
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