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Abhilash Jain asked a question

The Stories feature on communication apps are slowly becoming the standard for how we interact. How do you design for such an interface?

Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp and X number of apps have made *Stories* into a full blown feature where the complete screen is used to either show you an image or a short 10 second video. How do you design imagery for such an interface where the attention span is significantly low.

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1 answer
Neelesh Parulkar Learning about UX
The full screen mode has become the standard for interaction. Design for such an interface has become more challenging, as the audience has a shorter attention span. This has helped designers to experiment with bold text and bright colors, thereby drawing the attention of the users. 
This format has got many new design forms out there and it is inspiring creativity from designers. This is a great read on this subject from the early days of Snapchat https://medium.com/dm-uxd-and-other-acronyms/designing-for-discover-304906f4c206
The format has kindled creativity like never before. Designers now have a canvas to engage the user and there are no limits and bounds. It truly is a great time for creativity and experimentation. 
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