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Nikunj Verma asked a question

Is it worth the time and effort to migrate old Angular applications to Angular2? Why or why not?

Will Angular applications "have" to be moved to Angular 2? What will be the advantages or disadvantages?

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5 answers
JavaScript Evangelist JavaScript Developer

Angular 1.x should be treated as an entirely different framework to Angular 2 if you’re still building applications with it (and there is absolutely no harm in that, and do not feel pressured to move until you see fit). What I am interested in is what will happen next.


Angular 1.x has no future with web components and the future is Componentized web (as Google also believes so)


Hence, to make your apps future proof use Angular 2, change is in inevitable. Angular 2 has great future lined up with version 4,5,6 has already new release dates. And Progressive apps are on the rise as well Hybrid. Now choice is yours, you either waste your time maintaining your old code which will not perform well in future, or take time, write ng2 from scratch and feel proud ;) 

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Mohit Jandwani Freelancer - Looking for Projects

Angular 2 is almost a rewrite of Angular 1. It is not a simple migration but a rewrite of your code. Plus google has already anounced Angular 4 with some more breaking changes. Migrating from Angular 2 to Angular 4 will not be a lot of effort. Nevertheless this will cause a lot of problems with available packages because the entire community will have to migrate their packages to Angular 2 then 4 which means lot of breaking changes. Plus I have seen people still use state management with Angular because the data flow part in Angular is a mess. 


It makes much more sense to migrate to React as it is much more stable, has been around for more time and has accepted patterns and packages for starting projects. Morever React can fit in with your exisiting jquery code and the migration is very smooth.

Mohit Jandwani Freelancer - Looking for Projects
I have built 2 apps on Angular 1 and I did checkout Angular 2 properly. It is great and I think addresses a lot of Angular 1 issues. Nevertheless I think React is way ahead and I know a friend who built an entire dashboard in Angular 2 only to still use Angular- Redux. (He regrets not using React). I would love to know from you where you think it wins over React.
Nikunj Verma Loved coding CutShort!
May be it's time to open a new question - "When to use React/Redux and when Angular 2"?
JavaScript Evangelist JavaScript Developer
You answer shows you haven't used Angular 2 yet. My answer is based on the experience by using Angular 2 as well react redux.
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