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Manas Shrivastava asked a question

Have you tried/implemented marketing hacks into the product?

Slack and most other SAAS products have growth hacks baked in their product to get users to sign up.
Have you tried to implement this in your products in someway, what have the results been like. 

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3 answers
Abhilash Jain Product Marketing / Growth
Well this has worked miraculously well for many products, where they growth hacked their way to get users to stick.
  • Classic example of this is how Dropbox got their growth, where they used a referral program to acquire users also this doubled down as retention as users kept coming back because they had more storage compared to anything else available in the market.
  • Another example is how Slack got users to pay for their product. Users kept uising slack and there was a reminder once the user has crossed the limit and had to upgrade to view history. What worked well here was that Slack had never restricted the capabilities of the product, they had just set a limit. So users got the complete experience but paying enabled them to get unlimited access. As the case with most of us we love to try products and decide to pay up after we find value.
  • The referral system has worked well and almost everyone is now using their own version of it. Especially apps where user get their first transaction waived off if they have been referred.Its a great way to acquire users and get them to experience your product.  
Hacks surely make your product stand out. People are more than happy to share if they had a great experience and recommend your service. I've used the referral system in my products and its a no brainer, it just works.
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Asim Virani Google & HubSpot certified marketer & growth hacker
Not tried many of the upcoming marketing channels like Slack, Behance, Instagram etc.
Who has tried so far? What are your observations?
Omkar Thatte Marketing hacks- how 'loud' should they be ?
I have used Slack heavily, and trust me it works wonderful (For the perspective of use). Regarding marketing hacks, it is a very well thought out plan. First Slack gives wonderful features to work with. I migrated from Skype to Slack and could immediately see the difference. Next, they make Slack available across devices with equal finesse. Then they upgrade the device app regularly. They don't harp (LinkedIN) about their paid services anywhere on the web or device app. Its just simple hooking users through fantastic usability. A subtle but hard hit; once you are hooked onto Slack on devices, you tend to go searching for their paid services. I'm quite sure they have a high conversion rate from Free to Paid users.
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