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Nikunj Verma asked a question

Have you tried to use Instagram or Snapchat for marketing a non visual product?

I can imagine Snap and Instagram working well to market visual products such as food, travel, real estate etc. Has someone used them to market other products, especially in B2B space such as SaaS service or app development services?

What are the unique challenges and opportunities you faced?

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1 answer
Arnav Mahajan Marketer
HubSpot is doing an amazing job at providing their product updates on Snapchat and they've also used the platform for recruiting more members to their team from Snapchat directly.
They give followers a good look inside the company and showcase their culture. The goal here is to be educational, informative, and lovable, which are very familiar goals for any marketing team.

"A place where we can showcase our unique culture and perks, our awesome employees, and the inbound philosophy,” HubSpot said in a Snapchat blog post.
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