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Nikunj Verma asked a question

Has anyone used React to develop mobile apps?

What are the pros and cons of using React to make cross platform Android/iOS apps? Would love to check some sample apps if you know of any. 


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3 answers
Mohit Jandwani Freelancer - Looking for Projects

I have built more than half a dozen apps on React and React Native. There are perfomance level issues in React Native but almost all of them can be side tracked one way or the other. If not building anything complicated then React Native has all the advantages and not many disadvantages. Plus I think the React Native Development speeds are actually faster and maintainence easier than Native Apps.(I have built native apps as well).  It is also possible to plug in Native Code into your react native app but that results in some wasted effort. 

Overall I think if you the app does not have complex interactions and animations, React Native is a great choice.


Also for building MVPs to test business models, it is a clear winner esp if you keep codePush which enable dynamic updates in  mind.

Here's an intro of codepush - https://microsoft.github.io/code-push/


Here is a performance comparison with Native Apps


Nikunj Verma Loved coding CutShort!
This is greatly useful, Mohit. Thanks. Would love to know more on some examples of "complex interactions" that you think React Native app won't be good for.
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Nitin Reddy Beautify Software With Beautiful Code

React-Native is a trending Hybrid App development library. Must give it a shot.

JavaScript Evangelist JavaScript Developer
as well Angular 2 with NativeScript
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