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Abhishek Jain asked a question

Cross Platform or Native Development

What would you prefer if you have been given this choice of going either Native way or cross platform way? Please provide different scenarios as well which may affect your decision.

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4 answers
Varun Mehta A Mobile Development Expert
This would be driven by a host of factors primarily Product, Business Requirments, Time To Market & team skill.
A high-performance app like a game or video solution would be always better with Native.

A business app like an e-commerce solution would make more sense with a hybrid solution like React-Native.
Benefits of hybrid:
  • Operational Viability as you need lesser people
  • Easily maintainable
  • Sync between features on all Platforms
  • Code To Push feature
Whether hybrid or native, your product should be awesome.
There should be no performance lag or UX issues.

Disclaimer: I am an iOS expert with a preference for Swift any day. But my choices are driven by business, not my personal preferences.
Vinod Pahuja Technology Enthusiastic
Agree. I am a Java Expert ( both Frontend and Backend ) and still prefer Hybrid App as you can find and train peoples on this easily.
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Mayur Patanvadiya Android Dev

Hello Abhishek,

I work in Native.
I know Xamarin, Phonegap, React Native (Cross Platforms) and dived into it but i didn't find it right for me.
I know that Facebook, Instagram, AirBnb and lot others are using React Native and i love those apps but i am not a fan of React Native and secondly, i don't like JS.
I love working in native only apps and i'll explain the reason in brief why :
If you use cross platform, you can't provide native components unless you are using React Native or Xamarin as far as i know, so users don't get the feel of using Android app and they end up not using apps.
& even who claims to provide Native components in cross platform, What i understand and know is Android & iOS & even Windows have totally different architecture and Hardware, ultimately you must do some patches at some point to make everything work in all.
All OS don't have same components and reactions as well design pattern and user behaviour also differs, the audiance of using any OS are mostly falls in some category and developer mustt understand it though i believe you should not make app in cross platform.

Study everything and you can keep same environment for all the OS but design and/or components may very.
Nothing can beat Native.
Bhavik Shah Sr. iOS developer (Swift)
Nothing can beat Native (Y)
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