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How to make your hiring intelligent with CutShort

Access to high quality talent
Access the most premium talent pool
Every day thousands of bright professionals join CutShort to meet exciting companies directly.
From startups and product companies
Interested in new jobs
Automatic validation of skills
Get candidates auto sorted by relevance
And connect your other sources
Unify your job applications from platforms such as LinkedIn, career site, social networks and job boards.
Give a job apply link
Or just forward applications via email
Automate at scale
Identify the best fits using AI and Machine Learning
Our algorithms go beyond just the keywords to weed out the irrelevant applicants and identify the most relevant candidates for your company.
Auto-detection of strong skills
Industry and educational history match
Customize if you wish
Automate at scale
Get more done with your AI assistant
Just define the workflow and take decisions. From evaluating tests to schedule meetings - your Your AI assistant will do the rest.
Works when you sleep
Define your own workflow
Handy automations and reminders
Get more done with your AI Assistant
Automate your actions and get timely reminders from your in-built AI assistant. You'll love it!
Good morning. You have 4 interviews today. Here are some suggestions for today.
Review 4 interviewees.
Clear 10 pending applications.
Setup interviews.
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