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UX Wizards
An exclusive jobs + online meetup for savvy UX designers.
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As Steve Jobs said, UX is not how it looks, it's about how it works. Hear from experienced UX designers about how they approched UX in their projects. Sign up for the jobs section to get approached by the best product companies hiring rockstar designers for their team.
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Raunaq Gupta
Product Designer at Baloonr
Raunaq is a design post graduate from CMU & has worked at several successful startups such as Arkin. He is passionate about design research, web technologies, crowd-powered systems and tangible computing.
Behind UX of Pokémon Go: Several factors have led to the mindboggling success of Pokémon Go, including the natural UX. Join me as I take a deeper dive into the UX of this magical game.
Mohit Yadav
UX Designer at Globant
A post graduate from MIT Institute of Design, Mohit has been fascinated with design in a diverse set of areas. He is currently lead UX at Globant, a leading product consulting company.
Customer experience (CX) vs. user experience (UX) - why the difference matters: While most designers directly influence the UX, they also need to understand the larger context of the Customer Experience (CX). The customer experience represents every step of the journey from when users are running price comparisons, to when users try the product, to when users may resort to customer service if their needs aren’t met.
Manoj Mohan
Design Practices Lead at Wow Labz
Manoj believes in a world where businesses keep their users at the apex of their priorities. He has worked on NetApp, UniKwan, and 7C Studio before Wow Labz.
Making UX designers on the job: Manoj will talk about overcoming challenges such as design thinking for teams, unrealistic delivery timeline, creating diversity by hiring outliers with great attitude. He will also share his ideas about the big consulting picture of UX, making a team of great storytellers, thinking fast and executing in 30 minutes.
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