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The B-Men
An exclusive jobs + meetup for professionals in marketing & sales
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Building apps and tech is cool. But nothing quite works without the business men (and women) who bring in the revenues and growth. Join this online event to learn about the new trends in tech + marketing + selling. Don't miss the chance to get a great career jump! After the Hangouts session, move over to CutShort.io to get noticed by 100+ companies that are looking for people just like you.
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Vinay Nathan
CEO & Co-Founder @ Altizon
Vinay has more than 16 years of rich experience in Sales and Project Management, and has experienced everything between being a Team Lead in 2001 to VP Sales at Persistent Systems in 2010. In 2013 he co-found Altizon Systems. He is an alumnus of University of Southern California and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has also 3 patents under his name.
How to drive Thought Leadership for B2B products: Vinay will candidly talk about his experiences and learnings in positioning Altizon as a thought leader in the Industrial IOT space.
Abhishek Kumar
Co-Founder Giftxoxo.com and Frogo
Abhishek Kumar is the co-founder of Bangalore-based popular startups โ€” Giftxoxo and Frogo. He is a serial entrepreneur and has created some kick ass products in Healthcare, Supply Chain and Finance domains. He has worked with multiple brands like Manhattan Associates, Magma(Now Synopsis), Nettpositive(now Equifax) in the past but soon jumped to entrepreneurship. Abhishek graduated from IIT Bombay in the year 2007.
Lessons from B2C marketing at Giftxoxo: Abhishek will be sharing experiences and tricks he learnt while marketing Giftxoxo and creating a new market altogether.
Deepak Kagliwal
Director Sales & Marketing at BlazeClan
Deepak has a strong entrepreneurial mindset & specializes in marketing and selling efficient solutions for Technology & Business.
How we grew our sales 5X in just one year at BlazeClan Technologies: Selling technology solutions to enterprises & SMBs is challenging, yet exciting. Here is how we multiplied our sales 5 times at BlazeClan, a premier AWS & IT consulting firm in Pune.
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