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Connecting experienced startup players with their next big opportunities.
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About the event
This has been a difficult year for startups. Due to the ongoing funding crunch and adverse business conditions, many of them are pausing their operations. With this event, we aim to easily connect core teams at such startups with exciting companies that value such smart, entrepreneurial talent. *Apply only if you are/were a core team member at a contracting/shutting down startup. Ineligible registrants will not be allowed.
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Siddharth Maheshwari
, Director of Sales at UpGrad.com
Siddharth founded Pickingo (raised $1.3M), which got acquired by Fidelity backed Shadowfax. Post acquisition, he moved on to the full time role of Director of Sales at UpGrad.com.
From starting a startup to joining one - my lessons and learnings: Listen to Siddharth as he shares his unique journey and learnings at each step of entrepreneurship and taking up a full time job.
Rahul Bharadwaj
, Cofounder/COO at Junglee Games
Rahul has been a seasoned entrepreneur having started companies such as Junglee Games, Two Mangoes, SportsChimp & DataSmartLabs. He is also a mentor at TLABS.
How to get out of any situation and emerge a winner: A lot goes into creating startups besides raw intellect and courage. These soft parts often play a bigger role in your success than anything else. Rahul will share his experiences on how to emerge a winner under any situations.
Sachin Kapur
, Cofounder at NearBuy
Sachin has helped create many powerful brands in the Indian & International consumer internet space in categories including jobs, matrimony, real estate, education & e-commerce has given me a unique perspective on consumer insights & behaviour.
Your personal brand is important!: Many founders obsess over their company brand but get careless with their personal brand. Sachin will share his insights and tips on personal branding for the people who are in charge of their startups.
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