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An online meetup + jobs event for digital marketers + growth hackers
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Growth is the life-blood of a startup. But achieving growth is as much an art as it's a science. Tune in to hear from top growth hackers & digital marketers who have nailed this. After the talk, there will be exciting job opportunities at some of the best companies in India.
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Sushant Sreeram
India Marketing Head at Xiaomi
Sushant, who is currently the Marketing Head of Xiaomi (India) has earlier headed Marketing at Yfret Inc, HolidayIQ.com, eBay, and Inkfruit.com. He is a passionate marketer and specializes in consumer marketing, mobile app marketing, social media marketing, eCommerce, user experience and design, PR, supply-chain engineering, and retail sales and distribution
What really is growth hacking: Sushant, with his experience at Xiaomi, HolidayIQ, Ebay, and Infruit, will share from his experiences what really is growth hacking and what is not. He will candidly share his experiences of growth hacking this Thursday, 4 August at DigiHackers
Meelis Ojasild
Seasoned Email Marketer
Meelis is a seasoned digital and email marketer with experience at companies such as Amazon and Pipedrive. He also was cofounder at Kypsis.com.
Reactivating your email lists - why and how: Join me to find out why you should reactivate your email lists and learn why and how I unsubscribed 83000 subscribers at Pipedrive.
Rishabh Dev
Managing Director at Mapplinks
Rishabh is Managing Director at Mapplinks and Mapplinks Academy. He is also a Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking Keynote Speaker. Currently, he is building Growth Hacking United.
Beyond conventional channels of growth: Beyond conventional channels of growth: If you are only using Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter, you may be missing out. Join Rishabh at DigiHackers to see how you can use unconventional & emerging social channels to growth hack your brand presence and marketing strategy.
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