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An online event to hire data professionals groomed by UpGrad and IIIT Bangalore.
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About the event
Hiring for new skills such as data science is not easy. Traditional universities don't teach these courses yet and there is too much noise and hype in the talent market. Join this event to hire from 400+ data professionals vetted and groomed by UpGrad and IIIT Bangalore over a 11 month rigorous program built to meet your needs today!
Companies add all their open positions for the event.
Candidates from UpGrad complete optional tasks and apply for positions.
Companies respond to applications and start their interview process.
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Companies add their jobs
{{::"2018-08-23T14:30:00.000Z" | date: 'd MMM h:mm a'}} - {{::"2018-08-26T17:30:00.000Z" | date: 'd MMM h:mm a'}}
Learners apply to jobs
{{::"2018-08-28T14:30:00.000Z" | date: 'd MMM h:mm a'}}
Companies respond to learners and close applications
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Event concludes
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