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StarApps Studio Careers
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Jobs at StarApps Studio

Frontend software engineer

Founded 2016
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2 - 5 years
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Best in industry5 - 8 lacs/annum

What you’ll be doing: ) Working directly with founders to write and maintain e-commerce SaaS tools that directly help our clients achieve success; ) Collaborating with other members at StarApps to improve our internal frameworks and develop your own programming skills; ) Interactions with customers to understand the market and product better and implement new learnings on our Shopify applications; ) Enhancing StarApps’s reputation as a leading Shopify Partner through community engagement, attending meet-ups, contributing to open source, and other activities. Who you’ll be working with: ) You'll be working directly with founding team members and understand from them the vision for the product and ensure we’re delivering quality code and leveling up our skills at the same time; Core skills required: ) You’re a communicator, who recognizes that developing great products requires teamwork and close collaboration, not just code; ) You have experience building easy to use user interface ) you have experience of building web applications using vanilla JavaScript ) You are interested in taking up fullstack responsibility of products ) You are interested in learning Ruby on Rails ) You feel comfortable leading a team of 1-2 other developers in the production of a feature or small application - designing a development plan and reviewing the work of others; ) You’re curious and like to dive deep into what you’re working on and learn new things. ) You have front-end designing skills and a sense of good user experience Skills that are “nice to have”: ) You have had some exposure to e-commerce, either as a merchant, as a developer or a customer; ) You have experience of creating scalable systems and handling a large amount of live traffic ) you have good command on any backend technology ) You like to share and teach others, as evidenced by (for example) blogging, working on open source projects or speaking at events; ) You are familiar with Shopify/Magento and have worked on a project related to it; ) You have an experience of building a SaaS product at scale; What we offer ) We want you to be comfortable, so we will offer you a competitive salary with leave and benefits (these will vary depending on experience and location); ) You will have a large degree of creative freedom in how you tackle design and development problems, but we’ll provide you with all the support you need to learn and grow your skills; ) We place an emphasis on personal development, with dedicated time scheduled by our production team for self-directed learning and exploration; ) You can design your own work hours to suit your own needs. ) We’ll support your professional development however you need, whether it’s with equipment, courses, books or conferences; ) Opportunities to work remotely anywhere in the world for extended periods of time; ) Monthly wellbeing allowance you’re free to spend on new running shoes, yoga classes, mindfulness classes - whatever keeps you happy and healthy; ) We offer one annual day off per year for employees wanting to do charitable work; ) We match any annual charitable donations made by employees up to a limit of ₹5000. How to apply ) The most important part of your application is your cover letter, which in one page or less should tell us: ) Who you are; ) What your level of experience with frontend and backend development is; ) Why, specifically, you’d like to work with us at StarApps. ) Your application should also contain a description of your work history. This could be either a resume or a LinkedIn profile. If providing links to public examples of your work (eg a Github profile), please provide details on which repositories you consider to be the best examples of your work and where we should look for your contributions. Interested? Apply Now

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Shashank Agrawal picture
Shashank Agrawal
Job posted by
Shashank Agrawal picture
Shashank Agrawal
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Shashank Agrawal
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