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Grinntech Motors & Services Pvt. Ltd. Careers
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Jobs at Grinntech Motors & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Hardware Designer
Hardware Designer

Founded 2013
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3 - 7 years
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Best in industry5 - 10 lacs/annum

Description: Grinntech is looking for Embedded Hardware Engineers to join our growing product development team. Based in Chennai you will be responsible for the delivery of all aspects of electronic hardware design and development including requirements capture, schematic design, PCB design, testing and validation. Duties of the Embedded Hardware Design Engineer: • Specification of electronic hardware • Design & development of electronic hardware • Testing of prototype systems • Supervision of junior engineers • Preparation of all documentation and release of components for manufacture • Liaising with the software team and customers Qualifications required from the Embedded Hardware Engineer: • Degree in Electronic Engineering or similar Essential Skills required from Embedded Hardware Engineer: • Familiar with ARM/PIC32 processor family • Experience with communication protocols like UART, CAN, MODBUS, RS232, Ethernet etc • Experience with SPI, I2C, LIN etc • Experience of Automotive Industry standards and practices • Experience of Automotive EMC standards and issue resolution • Self-motivated, problem solver, good communication skills • Project planning skills • Good level of presentation skills (verbal and written) • Able to work in tight time scales • Strong attention to detail • Good multi-tasking skills Desirable skills required from the Senior Electronics Hardware Engineer: • Knowledge of 8/16/32 bit microcontrollers • Knowledge of design in safety critical environments • Knowledge of ISO 26262 • Experience of high voltage systems About Grinntech: Grinntech is a bootstrapped lithium battery technology company, working at the forefront of electric vehicle revolution in India. Grinntech develops battery pack's electro-mechanical assembly and battery management system technologies for stationary and automotive applications. Major battery manufacturers, accounting for 85% of Indian battery market share and more than USD 5 billion in market cap, are Grinntech's licensee for electric vehicle and grid storage battery technologies.

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Puneet Jain picture
Puneet Jain
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Puneet Jain picture
Puneet Jain
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People hiring at Grinntech Motors & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Puneet Jain
Hiring at Grinntech Motors & Services Pvt. Ltd.
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