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How do you identify your ideal customer?

Recently there is an emphasis on finding your ideal customer to choose the right marketing mix.How do you define what your ideal customer is like? Do you also use personas? How do you test and implemet this to scale?

top comment

Call me old school, but I always begin from the problem. I'd ask these questions:Who has the problem?Do they know they have a problem, or need to be educated?Who will be decision maker? It's often clear in B2B (an exective or an end user) but not so in B2C (for example, for a travel package - it can be a kid not a parent)What are the benefits of our solution and what postioning we should use?The above analysis will likely lead to identification of multiple segments. You can then rank them and go after one by one.Personas come much late in the process - while tweaking the exact marketing mix within one segment. For example, suppose you want to target the segment of top execs of tech companies based in Bengaluru. There can be several personas within this segment and you can tweak your messaging/channels/price etc as per them.Hope this helps!

answered by Nikunj Verma

What are some smart off-page SEO hacks you have used effectively?

While on-page SEO is pretty much straightforward, it's the off-page SEO that looks daunting. The instructions seem simple enough - write useful content and get it published on other websites. While this works for a handful of other websites where you can forge deeper alliances, it doesn't scale well for others.What are some smart hacks you have used for off-page SEO?


The UPI is being pushed heavily, what would you do to market it differently so the number of transactions increases?

The UPI is hot in the fintech space, yet many people really are'nt aware about how it functions. BHIM has got a lot of attention lately and there is a new referral scheme the government has launched to get people to adopt. Meanwhile banks and startups are also pushing heavily for the adoption. Truecaller and Whatsapp have shown interest in implementing the UPI. What would you think of as a marketer to get people to adopt. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions. 

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From what I've seen the explanations are either too simple or too complex. A balance between the two is required. People who understand the UPI swear by it, people who don't think that it's not secure (in general). But given the platform and the simplicity it promises and convenience it gives to the users. It's a no brainer that people will start adopting this at scale. I swear by the UPI and I recommend it to everyone I know. Awareness has been low and adoption is slowly picking up.In my opinion the best way to get people to switch is to get them to experience the simplicity.eg) If banks/companies supporting the UPI can setup a demo site where users can transfer a small amount to get an idea of how the UPI works. Also aim at the lowest bearing fruit (local vendors and shops) and give them incentives to adopt.The human brain tends to find the most easiest way to do something and always repeats the same action.If users get the value of the UPI on their first few transactions they are going to use it regularly. P.S. This is just my opinion, I'm sure many people would agree/disagree.

answered by Abhilash Jain

What are the most important tools in your marketing toolkit?

List down the tools/processes that you use on a frequent basis to help you be more efficient at marketing.

top comment

In my 5 years of experience I have handed a lot of projects single-handedly just because of the tools:These are MUST have tools:1. Marketing automation tool: Paradot Salesforce Marketing Cloud is best to automate your marketing activities. No manual work.HubSpot Automation Tool: I found this very useful for a hardcore marketer.2. Social Media: Hootsuite to schedule your posts.3. Content marketing tools:BuzzSumo to find more trending contentCoSchedule: To schedule content regularly4. Technical SEO tools:SEMrush: Outstanding for organic as well as paid campaingsScreeming frog: To find all the broken pages, missing meta tags etc.GA, GTM, GWT: All the Google tools are extremely important for a webmasterWithout these tools are you are just doing headwork, not smart work,

answered by Richa Pathak

What will be your advice to a newbie markter?

To a techie interested in marketing, things look daunting. If someone has not done MBA, how can they start to learn marketing concepts and implement them?

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