Pune startup Acompli gets acquired for $200 mn

Published • By Nikunj from CutShort


Acompli, a startup with main R&D setup in Pune, got acquired last week by Microsoft for $200 mn. Read the entire news here.

An inspiring story, given that it took them just 18 months to reach here. We, at SocialHelpouts, aren’t really surprised though. Acompli has been one of our earliest users and advocates. They had a cool product, a great timing and an awesome team with Indian R&D led by Vishwesh Jirgale, a pucca Puneri and a mobile geek for years.

We wish them all the best and welcome Microsoft to our city. 🙂

By Nikunj from CutShort

Nikunj is the Cofounder & Chief Enabling Officer (CEO) at CutShort.