(Hiree) reviews: Love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it

(Update: This post was written before MyNoticePeriod was rebranded to Although the name has changed, finding people on “notice period”, which is the theme of this post, remains one of their core USPs.)

So after creating a lot of awareness with its unique solution recently, MyNoticePeriod has stirred up some hot reactions online. Some call it “unethical”, some “a new hiring nuisance” and some go to the extent of calling it a “scam”. Strong emotions!

Here are our comments on these reviews:

  • MyNoticePeriod actually makes sense: It promises solutions to a real problem. Employers can find serious job seekers who’re ready to join within the right time and budget limits. Job seekers too can find better job offers while serving their long and boring notice periods. Smells like a win-win!


  • Ethical or not? It is debatable : Are candidates “required” to join an employer if they accept the employment offers? Whatever be the theory, it’s an open secret that many candidates today keep searching until they actually join the employer. Many employers, in turn, plan for this situation and roll out multiple offers to candidates thus making the problem worse. So the concern really is that MyNoticePeriod is aiming to make this practice much more organized and will encourage more candidates to “betray” employers they have accepted offers from.

To those employers concerned with this – the real problem is with long notice periods in first place. Forcing leaving employees to work for 60, sometimes even 90, days is a plain terrible idea. It doesn’t help you, it doesn’t help the employee and it definitely doesn’t help the industry as a whole. Until you change that, services like MyNoticePeriod will try to plug in the gap in the market.

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