An open letter to people who are interested in joining our team

First of all, thank you for showing interest in joining us and even more importantly, reading this post.

In this post, let us candidly answer a few things that we discuss with everyone who is interested in joining our team. We hope it will help you decide if we would be a good fit for you at this point or not.

Our mission

Professional world is changing incredibly fast. The world is now a much more dynamic and business driven place where:

  • No jobs are safe
  • Merit is trumping everything else. Number of years of experience, your degrees. your brand names are becoming irrelevant
  • Work-life balance, flex hours, remote work etc are becoming important
  • And so on…

Professionals in this dynamic world need a better way to connect with opportunities. Conventional platforms such as job portals are stuck in the past and are mostly just selling resumes to whoever wants to pay for them. Yes, even to spamming telemarketers who call you at 10 am in the morning when you’re in the middle of an important meeting. ūüôā

At CutShort, we are building a careers platform for this new reality. Using AI & data crunching we are able to connect people better by reducing the noise around them.

We are lean and bootstrapped

We have been bootstrapped. This  means we have never tried to raise funds from external investors Why? We explained it here. In a nutshell, we have focused on just one thing Рmaking a winning product that solves the problems of our users. It also has made us work smarter and avoid throwing cheap money at every possible problem.

And this seems to be paying off. Our customers are choosing to pay us and we are getting the freedom to work on things we care about.

Kind of people we look for

We are very selective about people we hire. In fact, we typically hire 1 out of 50 people we start conversations with.

Beyond your job specific skills, we look for people who are ambitious and fearless. People who may not be from IITs, but think they are just as good as them. People who aspire to build successful products and a company that would feel proud of having built.

What will CutShort offer me?

We are a small but highly creative & productive team. With us you will:

  • Get 10¬†times better in your interest area: Get to do everything on your own. Brainstorm with the team and get complete freedom to implement your ideas.
  • Learn how to build a kickass product and a solid startup:¬†We are a lean startup and routinely hack together side projects that solve a specific problem. See an example here. You will learn how to validate, build upon and scale new product ideas.
  • Unmatched stock options:¬†We pay fair salaries and loads of¬† Employee Stock Options to help you benefit from the growth of the compaany..

What is your tech stack?

As a fast growing startup, our tech stack will rapidly evolve as we gain scale and add more capabilities. Currently, we use Node.js, Express, Python, Angular.js, nginx, Firebase, MongoDB/Redis and host everything on Amazon EC2 cloud. We also use IBM Watson, LuiS, Amazon Machine Learning, TensorFlow etc on the machine learning/AI side of things.

Are we missing a question? Post it as a comment below!

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  1. Thanks for this article. I did not need to go to or any other sites to know about your tech stack. Really appreciate your way of setting expectations right.